ICF Peer Coaching - it gets you

One of the many benefits of ICF membership for active coaches is the ICF reciprocal coaching service. Personally, I really liked this service for many reasons and I'll be happy to share some of them with you.

What is ICF Reciprocal Mutual Coaching (ICF Peer Coaching)

The ICF Reciprocal Coaching Service offers opportunities for the coach's professional growth and is open to all members ICF (International Coach Federation).

Dashboard - Reciprocal coaching

As an ICF coach, you can get coaching from another ICF coach. In addition to investing your time by coaching and being coached yourself, you must pay an operating fee for a service that connects you to the coach (who will coach you) and the client (who you coach) and records each mutual coaching session.

The aim of the ICF reciprocal mutual coaching service is:

  • Make coaching available to coaches

  • strengthen the ICF coaching community

  • to support ICF coaches in their constant professional and personal development in the best way we know - by coaching!

How does the service work?

Profile of a coach in the ICF reciprocal coaching community

  1. You will create a coach profile in the ICF reciprocal coaching community.

  2. You will join a coaching group. One group includes a predetermined number of sessions for both the coach and the client.

  3. The session should be completed within a predetermined period. There are general groups, national groups and international groups, as well as groups focused on ACC, PCC, MCC and students / new coaches. At each stage of a coach's professional development, it is possible to find a suitable group to join.

  4. Next, you set the preferences of the coach with whom you want to be connected.

  5. After setting preferences, you can view the profiles of other coaches who participate in your group, and you can ask them to be assigned to the coaches you would like to work with.

  6. Reciprocal coaching coordinators will connect you with the coach and the client (two different people).

  7. The system continuously monitors the coaching relationship until the end of the entire session (usually 5 to 7 sessions). Finally, the service coordinators will verify your feedback to maintain the professionalism of all the coaches involved.

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