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01 Pre Coaching Session

Yes, first coaching session is almost here !

  • 30 min
  • Free
  • online pre coaching

Service Description

But this is different, let's call this session as pre-coaching conversation with you. During this session we try to establish the foundation for our future coaching relationship. It is about establishing whether you are really ready for coaching and whether me as coach am I the right person to help you? So we will discuss and try to understand each other ! This session is more about understanding you as a person and me as coach. Broadly speaking where you have come from, where you are now and where you want to go. It will be about establishing your needs, wants, strengths, capabilities, resources, fears, motivations, challenges and barriers to moving forward. We will also discuss what do you want to achieve from coaching? What are your aspirations, desires and goals and whether you believe that coaching will help you. You should be an ‘agent for change’ ready to embrace coaching as a process for helping you to raise your self-awareness and make personal change. There is no sense in starting a coaching relationship if you aren't ready to move forward. We can discover that you need different kind of help and that coaching isn't what you need right now. During this conversation we can discover that I am not the best person coach for you in this instance. If this happen I will direct you to someone who can serve you better. If we can agree and feel ok with each other during communication, then our effective coaching relationship starts building and we can enjoy a productive and comfortable relationship moving forward.

Contact Details

  • +420 724950998

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