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Thu, Nov 26



The Power of Metaprograms in Coaching

Prague Coaching Club Meetup

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The Power of Metaprograms in Coaching
The Power of Metaprograms in Coaching

Time & Locations

Nov 26, 2020, 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM




Metaprograms are powerful mental processes that help manage, guide, sort or direct our experiences. Without metaprograms you hardly decide what to pay attention to and how to work with information. That's all because our conscious mind can only pay attention to limited number of things at any given time and that's only the beginning.

People that study communication for years discovered that every human have these metaprograms setup differently. There is an amazing amount of miscommunication because most of us assume that everyone else is operating the way we do. But... that's not true!

Our meet up will focus on metaprograms from coaching view. During our meeting you will discover why metaprograms are useful for covering our coaching process in areas of rapport or creating awareness. You will have time to practice how to gain rapport through metaprograms or how your client be more aware of coaching experience. That's not all, you will have also chance to identify your setup of metaprograms and that's all with modern tools like Zoom, or Miro.

At the end of meetup, you should be clear:

  • what are metaprograms
  • how you can use them in rapport
  • how you can create experience
  • identify you metaprograms and
  • be engaged with colleagues to discuss and share experience.

Meetup will cover some part of theory, more part of practice, a lot of experience and hope some fun.

This time with Miroslav Czadek and Blanka Hudecová, PCC

Miroslav has more than 25 years of experience from international companies and from the entrepreneur area. He is focusing and providing services in the area of performance coaching and mentoring of project's and program's managers and their teams, project management, programs, change management and related areas.

He is a member of the ICF. As part of coaching, he uses knowledge gained from Erickson Coaching International, coaching training, hypnosis and hypnotherapy, Master NLP or Paul Ekman Group and others.

Blanka is a professional certified coach (PCC) of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She helps clients formulate and realize their dreams and fulfill their visions.

She provides services in span of various areas such as team coaching, business coaching, facilitation, career coaching or life coaching. In her work with clients uses techniques like as solution coaching, transformational coaching or NLP technique

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