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Wed, May 06


ICW2020 Webinar

The Window Towards Me

Are you ready to inspire connection, ignite creative new thinking, and celebrate the power of coaching and professional coaches to change the world for the better? If so, ICW 2020 is the coaching event for you. The event is running on May 6, 2020 from 6PM CEST (Prague) in Virtual Coaching Zone

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The Window Towards Me
The Window Towards Me

Time & Locations

May 06, 2020, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM GMT+2

ICW2020 Webinar



The topic and content is not complete and can be uprated. Until start of event you will receive an update!

How can techniques like Johari window or Points of You help with transformation from where you have been to where you want to be or where you dream of going?

Are you struggling with:

  • Inspiration
  • Sense of Belonging
  • Creativity

About Luiza Stefan ACC

Luiza Stefan ACC is Coach and Facilitator. She has been a manager myself and faced challenges of business start-up, juggling multiple projects at once, twice merging other companies in the bank she worked for, handling all the pressure brought by the times of recession, having to reduce numbers while keeping up the performance.

More about Luiza:

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