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04 Pro bono coaching

(max 20h/calendar year)

  • 45 minutes
  • ICW

Service Description

Pro bono coaching: we are providing coaching services free of charge, typically to individuals or organizations who may not have the resources to pay for such services. This type of coaching is often done as a form of volunteer work or as part of a coach's commitment to social responsibility and community service. We are providing pro bono coaching in various areas, such as career development, personal growth, leadership, or business strategy, and can be delivered in different formats, such as one-on-one sessions, group workshops, or online mentoring. Examples of how our pro bono coaching was helpful include: - Non-profit organizations: Pro bono coaching helped them develop their leadership skills, improve team performance, and address organizational challenges. - Start-ups: Entrepreneurs and small business owners who did not have the resources to hire a professional coach were able to receive support to develop their business strategy, refine their product or service offerings, or improve their leadership skills. - Students and recent graduates: Pro bono coaching was helpful for students and recent graduates who were seeking career guidance, developing their professional skills, or preparing for job interviews. - Individuals in transition: Pro bono coaching was valuable for individuals who were going through significant life changes, such as a career change or relocation, and needed support in navigating the transition. - Marginalized communities: Pro bono coaching was beneficial for individuals or groups from marginalized communities who did not have access to resources or support to develop their skills, achieve their goals, or overcome barriers.

Contact Details

  • +420 724950998

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