European SAFe summit interesting lectures from Agile HR - takeaways

It’s easy for people to keep their old behavior – unless there is an exceptionally good reason to make such a change. A reason so compelling that the status quo becomes simply unacceptable. A reason so strong that change becomes the only reasonable way forward to success.” (- Scaled Agile Framework Article: Reaching the Tipping Point)

At the European SAFe summit there were two very interesting lectures from Agile HR (Lean Agile Implementation in HR – SAFe Approach and 10 Greatest Ideas For Agile HR) where I made a takeaways.

Lean Agile Implementation in HR – SAFe Approach

Lecture “Lean Agile Implementation in HR – SAFe Approach” from Padma Satyamurthy, CPRIME. This was a clear and standard topic from one side, but interesting from a way how it was presented and what is critical I would say - from HR technocracy view.

Agile isn't just for tech anymore - it's transforming how organizations hire, develop, and manage their people, - HBR

Personal Note: I think that the concept of presentation was based on Harvard Business Review “HR Goes Agile” and extended with SAFe principles, ok, why not.

SAFe basic Themes

  • Embrace the new talent contract

  • Foster Continuous Engagement

  • Hire for Attitude and Cultural Fit

  • Move to Iterative Performance Flow

  • Take the Issue of Money of the Table

  • Support Impactful Learning and Growth

Relevant HR Strategy based on Leadership Development, Employee Engagement and critical part with process of Hire, Train, Develop and Retain individuals.