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“Our life is what our thoughts make it” ~Marcus Aurelius



My life goal is to empower teams and individuals to enact change, to have more personal and professional freedom.

work with human beings who want the change in their life. I am providing performance coaching and mentoring services to individuals, project and product teams or companies that use both classical or agile management methods.

My objective is to develop your potential, to encourage you to achieve your goals, to initiate changes in any area and focus we have  set.

With clients we deal within coaching most often with following topics: Motivation, Setting Goals, Getting Results, Creativity, Time Management, New Start, Career Change, Improving or acquiring new skills, new behavior and relaxation.

Everything I use when working with clients I first applied to myself. During continuous education I prove my skills and knowledge by practical tests and demonstrations before an accreditation or certification committee.


have committed to comply with the Code of Ethics of Coach, the International Coach Federation ICF, which I regularly renew and correct any findings in accordance with ICF rules.


"The secret to getting ahead is getting started" ~ MarkTwain