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5 Predictions for 2022 from shares TOP#5 predictions and trends we expect to happen during the year 2022, so let's check them.

1. Challenges not only for coaches: Understanding a New Generation of Workers and “Big Quit”

In 2022 organizations will fight to attract & retain talented, effects of “Big Quit” and New Generation Z phenomena. All mentioned can be strongly influenced by coaching.

The American “Big Quit,” or “Great Resignation” is a post-widespread-vaccination phenomenon that is touching everyone from McDonalds workers to software engineers. A record 4 million people quit their jobs in April 2021, many of them in low-paid, inflexible industries like retail. The same thing is starting to happen in higher paid jobs. The recorded impact is not only in US, but Europe or China. Much of the layoffs and resignations were driven by women, who disproportionately work in industries that were affected most by the lockdowns, like service industries and childcare. Only in US since April 2021 more than 20 million people have left their jobs in what’s being called the “Big Quit”.

All signs point to the quit rate continuing to accelerate in 2022, and 55% of workplace professionals say they expect employee turnover to increase next year.

Some companies like Amazon, Costco, and Walmart have increased their salaries in a bid to attract workers as combat the labor shortage. Others are building out their benefits packages and offering perks like stock options or financial wellness incentives.

Some organizations are focusing on addressing the skills gap. It’s predicted that 40% of workers will require up to six months of reskilling by 2025.

But for most people, perks, and pay won’t be enough. New research from Oracle finds that 88% of workers feel the meaning of “success” has changed, and they’re now prioritizing work-life balance, mental health, and having a meaningful job over a steady paycheck.

That’s why in 2022, people will no longer tolerate companies that treat them poorly, and they’ll hold employers to a higher standard than ever before.

All industries will need to start adjusting to a new generation joining the workforce. Millennials have been entering the workforce for several years and will continue to make up a larger percentage of the staff at most companies. At the same time, members of Generation Z are graduating from high school or college and entering the workforce.

Companies will soon discover that these younger workers have a different set of ideas and priorities for their professional careers.

For example, younger workers expect to have flexible schedules, even if they’re not working 100% remotely.

The recommendations for coaches IN 2022

Coaches have the opportunity to address employee motivation, the impact on changing the work environment and work habits. Working with priorities. Searching for the meaning of life. Furthermore, how to involve the new generation and diversification of the young and senior generation.

2. A Digital Mindset and digitization of coaching will be in the top coaching trends

Converge21: „There is no digital disruption, just digital delivery Collaboration tools are a given, but we’ll see other technologies emerge as well. For example, over 80% of organizations will adopt cloud-based room systems by 2022. Businesses will also offer tools for when staff goes into the office, for example, apps that support contact tracing, room or desk booking, or a touch-free workplace.

Digitization of coaching Webinars, online training, digital coaching will be emerging coaching industry trends. Digitalization will build stronger relationships with existing clients and open the door to new clients and business opportunities. It is including platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, etc. But most probably, critical will be three areas: Video marketing, Podcasting and Virtual Coaching.

  • Video Marketing: Video marketing will be undoubtedly an emerging coaching trend that will benefit a lot of coaches. It will grab the attention of people and potential clients.

  • Podcasting: Podcasting can grow your coaching business. A podcast allows you a meaningful way to signal who you are as a coach and can help you attract the best coaching fit for you. Whether as a host, a guest or a listener, podcasts will be the hottest channel for communicating who you are as a coach to grow your business organically

  • Virtual Coaching: With the implementation of lockdowns, physically attending school and going to the office to work became a thing of the past. Students started attending school virtually, and employees began working from their homes. Whether we liked the idea or not, everything became virtual. Now, virtual feels like the new normal.

Coaches have also had to adapt to this new virtual environment. There are so many platforms out there that allow executive coaches to meet with clients virtually. The engagement and using creative ways to enhance peer learning and active participation throughout a virtual coach training session through modern tools (for example Miro, Mural, Deck Hive, Storm Board) as mentioned on conference Converge21 will become standard. Location-based coaching will continue to lose its importance. From beginning of pandemic is a good location for your coaching business less important. Now you can get hold of your audience anytime and from anywhere. Top coaches will supplement their coaching sessions with micro-learning sessions, gamification and content. They will leverage the benefits of technology and at the same time add a live element to coaching session.

Coaching across borders will be most common With the widespread of global economy and technology within hand reach, coaches would be increasingly working across the borders. It is extremely crucial that you are aware of the cross-border culture, languages etc. to blend seamlessly with your clients. Bilingual / Multilingual and culture competent coaches will be in high demand.

The recommendations for coaches in 2022

The impact of digitalization to coaching is very high. If you want to reach more clients and have more business opportunities, without digitalization it is hard acceptable strategy. Focus on Video Marketing, Podcasting and Virtual Coaching. Your coaching location is not important. Your virtual presence is very important in case of multi country coaching. If you are digital nerd, hire consultant for proper digital marketing and virtual coaching and have it as investment, not vanished costs. You will get a wide range of audience with an easy access and a manageable schedule that will also lead to a major cut in your infrastructural and other costs.

3. Coaching can be effective tool to help employees on health and safety during and after corona pandemic

Over the past almost two years, companies have used different tactics to address employee burnout concerns. Some offered mental health days, others provided free or subsidized therapy, and companies like JPMorgan Chase and LinkedIn actually required their staff to take time off.

However, KPMG finds that 94% of employees are still stressed — and with COVID-19 far from over, companies must continue to prioritize employees’ mental health in 2022.

On the other hand, the Standish Group predicts for 2022 that there will be a return to civility in both work and personal relationships. People will embrace being kinder. Why? Many of us are tired of being angry all the time and want to enjoy life.

People in general want to have more fun. The pandemic has caused many of us to rethink our priorities and focus more on friendly and rewarding relationships. Although life is far from perfect and still presents many challenges, people long for a more peaceful mind. They will reject negativity and avoid others who are likely to disturb that peaceful mind. In general, people will try harder to keep and rekindle their good relationships.

The recommendations for coaches in 2022

Coaches can support organization and individuals with creation of psychological safety. As partners to clients, they can help to identify mindsets that lead to burnout and help clients with mental shifts that help to break out of the perpetual cycle of sabotage so clients can stop obsessing over details, worrying about possible failures, and striving so hard that can run out of steam.

Coaches can provide tools to reduce stress so, as well as discuss the limitations of coaching and the process of referring a client to therapy.

Coaches can help clients to recover energy and establish more balance, they can help to reduce the impact of stress—and through coaching can help stay in the powerful, productive zone.

4. Coaches will focus on niching their business

Coaches specializing in niche sectors will see more employment opportunities on average than coaches who don’t specialize. This was more discussed on Converge21 (Personal Branding: How to Position Yourself as a Thought Leader). This trend is particularly important for niche professionals as it reinforces the coach’s brand value, brilliance and uniqueness.

In a short time the industries and individuals will face complex problems and only specialized or niche coaches will be able to solve them. Confirmed as one of output on Converge21 (Coffee Chat: To Niche or not to Niche? That is the question.)

If you are branded as a generalist (business coach, leadership coach, executive coach, relationship coach,… ) you won’t be taken seriously - this is not niche segment. As generalist, you will also not be able to command high prices that specialized coaches will. If you want to keep up with the recent coaching trends you will need to stay specialized and have niche on market

The recommendations for coaches in 2022

Clients will be hiring coaches if they know that it will worth it. Finding your niche will not only help clients differentiate between the various of coaches but will also give you that competitive drive to push for greater returns.

5. New challenges for leaders and coaches: Hybrid and Remote Workers will be changing working environment

Most companies will adopt a hybrid or remote-first approach during and especially after a pandemic. Organizations that have already announced plans to adopt a hybrid approach include Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, Citigroup, and many others. Meanwhile, companies like Twitter, Dropbox, and Amazon are taking a fully remote approach and allowing their corporate employees to work from home indefinitely.

In addition to offering workers more choice over where they work, in 2022 businesses will also allow their people to have greater control over when they work. A few companies, including Kickstarter and Bolt, are even piloting a 4-day workweek to help combat widespread burnout among their workers.

This is one of the biggest shifts in the working environment since the time when internet enters in our lives, and managers will have to adjust to it.

Side effects: The hybrid model will create a two-tiered workforce

While the hybrid model offers many benefits, it also has its drawbacks. One issue that’s already emerging is that remote workers may be treated differently. For example research from Kahoot! confirms a strong bias against remote workers.

The bias is that the office employees are more likely to get promoted and receive regular raises because they’re seen as harder workers and more valuable.

Side effects: More flexibility is required

One of interesting findings in a global EY studyis that more than half (54%) of employees surveyed from around the world would consider leaving their job post-COVID-19 pandemic if they are not afforded some form of flexibility in where and when they work.

The recommendations for coaches in 2022

In 2022 coaches can help business leaders to overcoming these biases and support the hybrid model to succeed for their organizations.

Due to changes in hybrid and remote workers model of work, can coaches help to better focus on time management, priorities and fulfilling their goals. Also, topics related to team management of hybrid or remote teams could be challenge. Specific areas will be engagement and motivation of employees.

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