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Struggling with the return from vacation to work? Here are 7 ways to better reconcile with reality

Do you ever feel after coming back from vacation that you'd like to immediately go back? Almost everyone has felt this at some point in their lives. Returning to the reality of day-to-day work can be quite overwhelming. But, there are ways to ease this transition.

The vacation was amazing but I'm back! How will I endure here? Remember that feeling of relaxation, focus, happiness, and fulfillment; perceiving the world with a positive outlook and looking forward to the day; you might react a bit slower, but still in control; achieving the results you truly desire. That feeling, "this is great and I'd want to stay here as long as possible."

"When we leave our vacation mode behind, we become prisoners of our ego and are back under the daily pressures and stresses of life. We live our work/corporate identity again, with feelings of exhaustion and unfulfillment."

What can we do about this?

There's a way to revisit your vacation mindset, using #mindfulness techniques, so you can relive it and connect with your true self, focusing on the outcomes that serve your inner self more.

Imagine what would change in your life if you woke up every morning with the same energy, focus, and satisfaction as on vacation? Would you be more pleasant and a bit more patient? Would you be more considerate when talking to a colleague? How could your vacation mindset influence the present?

It's a quite interesting concept and every time I return home from vacation, I try to hold onto that feeling as long as possible.

But what I've realized is that I can return to that feeling anytime, even in the middle of a workday.

"The increasing work pressure won't change much, but I can change how I respond to it!"

Using simple #mindfulness techniques like the following, you can change how you feel and respond to daily life (#the_butterfly_effect):

  1. If you're in a meeting, take a breath before responding to what someone says.

  2. On your way to lunch, take some "me time" before continuing your workday.

  3. Plan your daily schedule so you have time at the start and end of your day to think about how you want the day to go, and review what went well and what should change at the end of each day.

  4. Prioritize your tasks based on the impact they'll make; don't waste your day.

  5. Use breaks, not just for a coffee pause but as a real detachment from what you're doing or who you're dealing with.

  6. Put away your mobile phone for a while and check it less frequently.

  7. Play calming music to soothe your nerves and improve concentration.

and an additional technique:

  • Try to watch as little TV as possible, read less tabloid and biased news so you're not tempted to read news that's truly irrelevant to your life. Don't be manipulated, even though it's more comfortable for most of us. I recall when a friend of mine visited Belgrade (his birthplace) for a work meeting. He was excited about the morning meeting after staying at a hotel the night before. At breakfast, he opened the local newspaper, which was full of anger and politics. His mood shifted so much that he had a hard time staying focused and balanced during the meeting.

These #mindfulness tips might seem simple, but they're not that easy. Try them out this week and see how you manage to implement them.

Find out if you can momentarily access your true "self." Research suggests that if you can implement these techniques, they can not only make you feel happier but also improve your physical health.

It's worth a try! #projecoach

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